Need a keg for an upcoming wedding, house party or just for your kegerator at home? Tired of driving to Portland to pick up kegs and being limited to what's currently in stock? Well look no further because Growl Movement makes it as easy as 1, 2, 3! Just follow the 3 easy steps below and you'll soon have a keg in hand!


Fill out the form on this page with the name of your requested beverage(s), brewery, and preferred keg size to receive a price quote via email within 1-2 business days. Don't forget your contact info so we can get in touch with you! We receive our deliveries on Fridays and plan our orders in advance so please have orders placed by Wednesday two weeks before you want it!


After receiving the quote please respond whether you would like to order the keg(s) or hold off for now. If you do want to order the keg(s), you'll receive an invoice via email that can be paid from your smart phone or home computer. Once paid, the keg will be ordered, and we will contact you when it is available for pick up.


Once we receive your keg in store, we'll email and/or call you to let you know your keg(s) is available for pick up! The person who placed the order and paid the invoice must be the one to pick up the keg(s). At that time we will verify that your ID matches the payment info to ensure we're selling the keg(s) to a person 21 years of age or older.


At this time Growl Movement does not offer any keg tapping equipment for sale or rent. You are responsible for tapping your keg so please do not order a keg unless you have the proper keg tapping equipment! If you order a keg that does not use a standard US sanke for tapping we will do our best to recommend what sanke you will need. We can not accept returns or issue refunds for kegs once they have been picked up from our store.


With each keg ordered you will also be charged a $30 refundable keg deposit per keg. The deposit will be refunded upon receipt of the empty keg(s) when returned to the store it was picked up from.

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* Some beverage requests may not be able to be filled due to limited availability, seasonality and/or discontinuation.
* Not all beverages are available in all keg sizes and some kegs may require other tapping equipment besides a standard US sanke.
We will do our best to fulfill your keg request!