About Us

Here’s some info about Growl Movement! Where we came from, what we stand for and most importantly what we want for you, our fans!

In the Beginning

Growl Movement was the idea of Oregon natives Matt and Lindy! They were inspired after going to a growler fill station while visiting friends in Atlanta in the summer of 2012! Matt and Lindy were instantly amazed and brought the idea back to their good friend Aaron. After some research, a lot of planning and maybe a few beers they were all in to bring the next big thing to Oregon!


First is definitely not worst and Growl Movement is proudly the first standalone Growler Fill Station in the state of Oregon! After only a few short months from idea to conception, Growl Movement opened the doors to their first location in Keizer, OR on March 1st, 2013! Growl Movement is also the first to bring an iPhone app to you, our fans! In our app you can favorite beverages in our database to get notified the second they go on tap! Stay tuned as there will be more firsts to come from Growl Movement in the future!

We Are Green

Our business colors may be Yellow and Gray, but our true color is Green! A key reason we love Growlers is the reusability of the container! Our fans can bring their growler back over and over again! We also offer Crowlers (32 oz. cans), but even though they aren’t reusable they’re still 100% recycleable! We also strive to use environmentally friendly products and practices to protect our planet. After all Mother Nature gives us the ingredients to make beer!


Our mission is to bring you products made right here in the U.S.A. because we feel that jobs need to stay in America! We’re doing our part by phasing out products made outside of the country and finding similar products to offer that are made right here in the states! National pride is not just for the 4th of July! So stand up and join us in our mission! ‘Merica! Sorry we couldn’t help it!

The Best for You

Just like your parents, we want the best for you and we’re going to give you just that! We will always offer you the best selection! I mean with so many taps, we should always have something for everyone! With our rotating selection, we’re also able to offer you the best prices, we guarantee it! We also strive to offer our fans the best service possible! We’ve seen our fans drop their just filled growlers in the parking lot. We filled up a new growler, gave it to them free of charge and then picked up the broken glass! No one deserves losing their beer!